The Impact of Coach Administration Fashion on Athlete’s Execution of Sports Club of Addis Ababa


  • Zemikael Getu Sports Science faculty, Hawassa University, Etiopia



Coach-Leadership fashion, Competitors execution, Law-based authority, Social thought, Positive input, Social bolster, Preparing and instruction and dictatorial administration, RLSS


The reason for this ponder is to investigate the impact of coaches-leadership styles on athletes’ execution. A test of competitor members (n=55) from Defense sports clubs of Addis Ababa was utilized utilizing the comfort inspecting method. The consider utilized a mixed-methods think about the plan, coordination of quantitative and subjective approaches, and a five-point Likert scale; the RLSS survey was utilized to decide the effect of coach-leadership fashion on athletes’ execution. SPSS computer program adaptation 24 was utilized in analyzing the athlete's reactions to surveys. Statistic examination, clear investigation, and relapse investigation were displayed. Expressive insights appear that the foremost noteworthy esteem related to athletes’ execution is the majority rule authority fashion taken after by the social thought authority fashion and positive criticism administration fashion. Majority rule administration fashion has the most elevated cruel esteem compared to 3.05 and standard deviation esteem of 0.37, social thought authority fashion scores the moment most noteworthy cruel esteem compared to 3.03 and standard deviation esteem of 0.47, and positive criticism cruel esteem 3.02 and standard deviation of 0.39, and social bolster cruel esteem 3.01 and standard deviation 0.47and preparing and instruction cruel esteem 3.00 and standard deviation 0.48 and absolutist authority fashion has the least cruel esteem comparing to 2.93 and standard deviation esteem of 0.54 showing that dictatorial authority fashion is ineffectively related with competitors execution. Relapse coefficient investigation appears that there's a critical and positive effect of preparing and instruction coach administration styles on athletes’ execution. 




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Getu, Z. (2023). The Impact of Coach Administration Fashion on Athlete’s Execution of Sports Club of Addis Ababa. Journal Research of Social Science, Economics, and Management, 3(1), 68–78.